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It has been a priority to ensure that this site complies with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. We wish to make this site as accessible and standard as possible and available to all users of the internet.

  • The HTML coding used on this site can be interpreted by the assistive software used by disabled people.
  • This site can be navigated by someone with one, or more, of the following handicaps:
    • cannot use a mouse
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    • user of assistive software for blind users


This site is written complying to as many standards as possible as laid down by the W3C. You can validate the XHTML on this page or you can validate the CSS on this page to see if it conforms to such standards. Each valid page on this site contains a these two links at the bottom of the page to allow you to see the validation is correct.

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Did you know that Internet Explorer is not the only web browser people use? You should be able to see this web site in all modern day computer based web browsers. The site has been tested with all the market leading browsers including Internet Explorer 6 (Windows), Internet Explorer 5 (Mac), FireFox, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, Netcaptor and Safari. If you are using an older browser e.g. IE4/5, NS4 or early versions of ones listed above, you may not see this site as it was designed to be seen. Older browsers often have poor or non standard support for CSS. However, this site should still be visible and usable in these older browsers. We do recommend that for security reasons you update to one of these latest browsers to protect yourself against internet security vulnerabilities.

Estates IT Role

Estates IT have designed this site with accessibility and standards in mind. Are your designers or hosts offering you accessible and standards based solutions? Are you reaching the widest audience? Is your site only visible in Internet Explorer? If you are worried about your answers to these questions or are not sure that your site is up to scratch then call Estates IT on 0870 922 06 06 to ask for a web site designed with standards in mind.

Need more help?

Whilst we strive to ensure that we have provided a user friendly experience, we would welcome any feedback on any difficulties you are experiencing when trying to use the site. If your enquiries about the accessibility of this site have not been satisfied through the above information, you can contact the webmaster via email accessibility@estatesit.com.

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